RIONOTE (Multikanal)


Der RIONOTE supports various measurements.
No more long cables.
No more wiring installation!
We can propose the most suitable measurement you require.

Besondere Merkmale:

  • Color LCD touch screen allows intuitive operation.
  • Flexible software configuration / customizable Apps
  • B5 size ideal for measurements in the field.
  • Light weight: only 1.2 kg including amplifier and battery.
  • Removable lithium-ion battery can be exchanged in the field.
  • IPX54 waterproof rating for main unit.
  • Support for wireless measurements eliminates need for cumbersome cabling on site.


FFT analysis

RIONOTE enables you to perform FFT analysis on multiple channels simultaneously. The results are shown in clear graphs on the large color screen, in real time, or from stored data when using the recall function. A marker allows you to scroll through the data, and enables the readout of the level of a frequency of interest.

Transfer function

The transfer function represents the relation between an input signal and output signal in the frequency domain, allowing the determination of amplitude and phase.In this mathematical calculation category, the RIONOTE supports coherence function and cross spectrum processing.

Waveform post processing

After completing waveform recording (as explained above), the stored waveforms can be displayed on the Main Control Unit's large screen, and played back by using the earphone jack output. Moreover, various secondary post processing functions for the waveform data are available in the Main Control Unit, including FFT analysis as shown in the screen example below.

Vibration Analysis Program SX-A1VA

This program adds vibration measurement functions to the RIONOTE Multifunction Measurement System.
  • All essential vibration measurement functions are provided, enabling equipment diagnosis and trend management for industrial machinery.
  • The program also supports detailed diagnosis including FFT analysis and envelope processing.

Download: Vibration Analysis Program SX-A1VA(741KB PDF)

Judgement Program (Pass/Fail Evaluation)

It is suitable for pass / fail evaluation of noise, vibrations and other phenomena in production or inspection lines.
  • Allows setting threshold areas for FFT analysis results to determine pass/fail.
  • Depending on the evaluation purpose, a suitable sensor can be selected from various types of microphones or accelerometers.
  • Operation control from a PLC is also supported as an option (using the Ethernet connector of the RIONOTE).

Download: Judgement Program (Pass/Fail Evaluation) SX-A1CMP(724KB PDF)

Order Tracking Program CAT-SAA1-ORDTRK

Output the analysis results by connecting microphone, accelerometer as well as tachometer. Waveform recording enables reanalysis.

Download: Order Tracking Program CAT-SAA1-ORDTRK(1.95MB PDF)

Application Examples

Machine Vibration
Measurement System

Sound/Vibration vs.
Rotation Speed Measurement System

Measurement System for Noise

Natural Frequency
Measurement System

FFT Analysis and
Simultaneous Waveform Recording

Wireless Measurement System
Eliminates Need for Cabling and
Allows Remote Operation

Wireless Measurement System
Helps to Ensure Safety at
Hazardous Measurement Sites

Machine Vibration Measurement System
Using Vibration Analyzer Program

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